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* Data Quality
* Data Quality
* Interoperability – Best Practices
* Interoperability – Best Practices
== April 29, 2011==
* Opening comments (Tim, Glynis)
* Round-robin update of projects (1-2 min per update)
** Airnow API
* Discussion of topics
** RFP for AIP-4 CFP
** IQ Cluster (ESIP) - need volunteer to present at ESIP Summer Meeting regarding two views:
***First, what does the air quality community need for data quality (i.e., for many different applications, many things people do - monitoring, detecting, EPA legalistic things, etc)? Is it more important to get data measurement down to 5th digit, or more important to get data within 3 hours, most important coverage (space and time), more important to have consistency throughout data, or precise accuracy and measurement for particular date?
***Second, there are different methodologies throughout the communities. For example, people working with ground-based measurement data - surface means different things throughout different communities. Need to hear about the knowledge that already exists in the AQ community.
** Planning for Summer Meeting
* Questions/Comments
* Wrap-up and schedule of next telecon (Friday, May 13, 1:30pm EDT)
* John White
* Steve Ludewig
* Tim Dye
* Glynis Lough
* Carol Meyer
* Erin Robinson
* Rudy Husar
* Mike ..., EPA
==Previous Calls==
==Previous Calls==

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