AQCluster Telecons 3Oct08

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

October 3, 2008 Telecon

Topics (feel free to add your ideas):

  • AIP-2 Workshop Summary
  • Workgroup Coordination and Communication
    • Time for weekly telecon
      • What time zones need to be accommodated?
    • Weekly call Mondays 11AM Eastern
    • Workspace
  • Key next steps
    • Clarify GEOSS CI and AQ Community Interaction (architecturally and in practice)
      • How, what, where, and when to register components and why

Action Items:

  • Define what goes into the Pilot
    • Identify the specific services that will be offered for GEOSS AIP
      • What is the list of data services, what is there status, how to access them?
    • Creation of a service metadata workspace
    • Service testing (work with test capability work group)
  • Creating ISO 19139? metadata records for the services (Falke)
    • Work with Ted Habermann and others in the transverse technology work groups
  • What are some of the critical earth observations that are needed for air quality?
    • Help identify for the task group within UIC
    • Look for email from Lawrence Friedl
  • How do we proceed with the GEOSS AQ Community of Practice?
    • How do we interact with GEOSS and UIC?
    • Work with Lawrence Friedl, Gary Foley and others