AQCluster Telecons 01Apr11

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

April 1, 2011 Telecon

1:30pm EDT
Phone: 866-489-0573 (US, Canada, VOIP); 205-354-0149 (international)
Meeting Code: *2279431*

Topics (feel free to add an item to the agenda):


  • Reintroduction of chairs, Opening comments (Ross, Tim, Glynis)
  • Round-robin update of projects (1-2 min per update)
  • Discussion of topics
    • AQ Portal
    • AIRNow
  • 8Metadata/Metadata Standards
    • LinkedData and interoperability
    • Architecture Implementation Pilot
    • IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society
  • Group input/discussion of relevant topics/priority of topics
  • Assignment of topics for future telecons
  • AQ cluster assistance needed with the Information Quality (IQ) cluster sessions (Greg Leptoukh/Ross Bagwell)
    • Main theme for Summer 2011 ESIP is “Information and Data Quality”
    • IQ cluster trying to invigorate other clusters to contribute to this theme
    • What are the AQ community needs for data quality?
    • What are the current standards and/or methodologies dealing with data quality?
  • Questions/Comments
  • Wrap-up and schedule of next telecom (Friday, April 15, 1:30pm EDT)