AQCluster Telecons 27June08

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

June 27, 2008 Telecon

Topics (feel free to add your ideas):

  • Update on wiki changes (who does what?)
  • Deki discussion (Is document model good for dispatch to web services?)
  • Exceptional Event Network EE Network KMZ | ROSES08 Proposal PPT


David McCabe
Howard Burrows
Rudy Husar
Erin Robinson
Stefan Falke

Should we explore Mindtouch Deki Wiki?

  • Does it support semantic tagging?
  • It is based on Media Wiki

  • Erin will review Mindtouch in August
  • Stefan will explore relationship with portals.
  • Howard will point to Mindtouch video demos
[Seven films] most 7 min long/ last ones on SODA and DREAM the best
[Yahoo U talk]
[More technical papers]
[Amazon talk]
  • David will take initial stab at updating cluster wiki page.