AQCluster Telecons 14Mar08

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
  • If we have time, continue the discussion initiated by David McCabe on organizing AQ Cluster "home page"

Participants[edit | edit source]

George Percivall
Carol Meyer
Erin Robinson
Howard Burrows
Don Sullivan
Rudy Husar
Stefan Falke
Terry Keating
Frank Lindsay

Notes[edit | edit source]

Key points since GEOSS AI Pilot Workshop in early February:

  • GEOSS Secretariat is created a process paper for portal, clearinghouse and registries for Pilot
      • Call for Participation to be released after that process paper is published (late April at earliest)
      • Kick-off probably not until September
  • Want to focus on augmenting operational systems by implementing to persistent exemplars
    • 2007 focused on demonstrating capabilities
  • Likely to have multiple GEOSS portals and clearinghouses; one instance of registry
  • Can air quality community provide persistent services for GEOSS pilot
    • how can GEOSS pilot help AQ community find a process for achieving persistent network
  • CFP would identify a specific decision making entity (in agency)
  • but can have parallel threads that enables diverse users of architecture
  • Terry: sending email to European partners for feedback on scenario
  • Frank: DoD smoke product (global) for which he will provide information as possible input to pilot
  • Look at integration of multiple local data sources with global sources
  • Need to continue promoting multiple use cases for AQ architecture pilot