AQCluster Telecons 15Feb08

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

February 15, 2008 Possible Topics:

1. Summary of EPA Air Quality Data Summit

  • how could ESIP contribute?

2. Update to GEOSS AI Pilot (Rudy, Frank? -John is not available today)

3. Assess purpose/process of the AQ Cluster telecons

  • switch to bi-weekly? Here to take survey
  • post agenda on wiki for all to edit
  • no more email reminders for calls


  • Bruce Caron
  • Francis Lindsay (wow, I did it!)
  • Erin Robinson
  • Barry Herchenroder
  • Carol Meyer
  • Rich Poirot
  • David McCabe
  • Rudy Husar
  • Terry Keating
  • John McHenry
  • Ramon Olivero
  • Karen Moe

GEOSS AI Pilot Update

Smoke scenario
Use multiple pathways to access to data:

  • EnviroFlash
  • WMS (ESRI Portal)
  • CAP alert
  • RSS

Reuse of web services.
Should be persistent - not built only for GEOSS Pilot.

Air quality and health scenario session participants:

  • JAXA interested in human health
  • OGC
  • Clean Air for Europe (CAFE)
  • Co-chair of the User Interface committee
  • China
  • Workflow systems engineer
  • AIRNow
  • GMES project
  • Stu Frye (NASA)

Goal is to be persistent, with continuous evolution.

  • April CFP
  • May Response
  • June Kickoff
  • Sept Pilot demo

AQ Data Summit

General acceptance on SOA as useful approach

Look at how to formalize and sustain the dialogue from both management and community led activities.

How do current and future projects look if we took a SOA approach?

How to share tools with external (to EPA) users?

How to foster interagency collaboration/interoperability and pooling of resources.

Is ESIP AQ Cluster neutral enough territory a good forum to continue dialogue?

Reconfigure Summit wiki pages so that you don't go through summit page to get to content (like DataSpaces).