AQCluster Telecons 12Dec08

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Topics (feel free to add your ideas):

  • We are now the ESIP Working Group
    • Our budget was resubmitted to ESIP FiCom
  • ESIP Winter Meeting
  • June 2008 NC Fire Event Analysis
  • CEOS WGISS Atmospheric Composition Interest Group
  • Session approved for Stresa: AQCluster_Telecons_31Oct08#Added_Dec_12:_Planned_Session:_Air_Quality_and_GEOSS:_Status.2C_Issues_and_Panel_Discussion - sorry cant make the call - RBH

Air Quality and GEOSS: Status, Issues and Panel Discussion.


  • John White
  • Stefan Falke
  • Rich Poirot