AQCluster Telecons 31Oct08

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

October 31, 2008 Telecon

Topics (feel free to add your ideas):

  • Transitioning from an ESIP Cluster to an ESIP Working Group
    • Working groups are eligible for ESIP funding support of the type we proposed a few weeks ago
  • AIP Scenario
    • Have initial draft scenarios ready next week (Nov 7) so that transverse working groups develop use cases (discovery, access, use)
    • A template for scenarios is posted
    • Define scenario detials (data, area of interest, users, etc.)
    • Use cases: how do you discover - much more technology detailed and reusable across scenarios
    • Scenario would have "higher level", less tech-speak steps
  • Community air quality data catalog for GEOSS
    • Create community catalog based on ESIP wiki, harvestable for GEOSS Clearinghouse
    • Provide tools/methods for creating standards based access services.
    • Register community-supplied standard services
    • Need to determine which services are to be registered in GEOSS
      • What's appropriate (what's suitable in meeting standards requirements)
      • Close loop with Data Providers for confirmation that service is to be registered
  • International Symposium on Remote Sensing of the Environment, May 4-8, 2009, Stresa Italy.
    • The Co-Chair of GEOSS UIC, Gary Foley, EPA, has invited ESIP to submit abstracts that illustrate the GEO process, and inform potential users and decision-makers.
    • Thematic Sessions of possible interest:
      • Integrating Climate Change / Atmosphere considerations into decision-making
      • Disaster reduction and response
      • Observing environmental factors that affect human Health and well-being
      • Data and Information Systems: emerging SDI technologies (possible GEO session?)
      • Societal Benefits of Earth observations: Applications and Assessment Methodologies
    • Possible Presentations at Stresa:
      • GEOSS AQ Pilot / Community of Practice / ESIP AQ Workgroup
      • AQ Decision Support using GEOSS Infrastructure and Architecture
      • Use of Remote Sensing for AQ policy, AQ management and Informing the Public

Added Dec 12: Planned Session: Air Quality and GEOSS: Status, Issues and Panel Discussion

  • 15 Min, Overview GEOSS - AQ: Foley, Friedl, Husar?
  • 30 Min, Short Oral Presentations 5 x 6 min = 30 min (also presented as posters)
    • 196 Airnow International
    • 209 Ozone Dust DSS Architecture (link to GEOSS through Karl Benedict)
    • 830 Bucharest AQ Warning DSS (shown interest in GEOSS - request swap with Amy?)
    • 765 Exceptional Events using GEOSS
    • 745 GEO AQ Community of Practice
  • 30 Min Panel Discussion (status issues, ideas, next steps?)
    • Foley (EPA, UIC)
    • Fridl (NASA, UIC)
    • EU AQ Agency Rep interested in GEOSS
    • EU Space Agency Rep interested in AQ
    • Other ??

  • AQ Sessions at Winter ESIP Federation Meeting

Participants Brand Niemann Erin Robinson Rudy Husar David McCabe Ana Prados George Percivall Frank Lindsay