AQCluster Telecons 15May09

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

May 15, 2009 Telecon

Topics (feel free to add an item to the agenda):

  • Stresa debrief
    • David: UIC injected new energy; activity plan; user classes to help portal functionality; AQ- GEOSS session & Pannel discussion
    • Erin: AIP videos at ADC and UIC/ADC committee meetings.
    • Rudy: Request GEO to harmonize the Clearinghouses; ADC and UIC both active, particpating stakeholders in making GCI work
  • How might ESIP-AQ respond to the GEO Call For Proposals?
  • Planning update on summer meeting


  • Brand Niemann
  • Carol Meyer
  • David McCabe
  • Phil Yang
  • Stefan Falke
  • Erin Robinson
  • Glynis Lough
  • Rudy Husar
  • Ana Prados