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September 29, 2011

This will be the first of the telecons that will occur on a regular (monthly) basis for discussion of technical topics by primarily programming and technical representatives.

Topic List

  • Community WCS server implementation

October 13, 2011

Topic List

  • Community Practices

Future Topics for 2011

  • OGC Standards (WCS Overview)
  • Overview of RSIG - Todd Plessel or Jim Szykman
  • Metadata basics - Ted Haberman
  • Data quality for ocean sensing - Ed Armstrong
  • Solta meeting summary
  • Review of Emissions and Model Evaluation workshop - Uma Shankar
  • Access to satellite images via WMS
  • Next steps for CyAir - CyAir Team
  • FY12 Priorities for Federal Agencies - Terry Keating (EPA), John Cox (NASA), NOAA?, other agencies?

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