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The ESIP AQ Work Group is currently meeting every other week. These calls alternate with the GEO Architecture Implementation Pilot AQ Working Group's telecons; you can find their telecons here.

April 17, 2009 Telecon

1:30pm EDT
Phone: 866-489-0573;
Meeting Code: *2279431*

Topics (feel free to add an item to the agenda):

  • NARSTO - Bill Pennell of NARSTO is planning to join us and speak about how NARSTO can engage with ESIP and GEOSS
    • North American air quality coordination
    • AQ, Climate, long range transport
    • Potential collaboration with ESIP and GEOSS
      • NARSTO data archive from EPA supersite program and campaign field studies for air quality monitoring
        • What should be done with the archive in the future? Ways to improve the input to and output from the archive?
      • Interest in data exchange across 3 NAm countries (monitoring, modeling, and emissions data)
    • Bill's talk to AQRS on NARSTO Assessment
    • Link to full NARSTO assessment
  • Santa Barbara Meeting
    • We need to decide on process for divying up available travel money. This need not be difficult, but questions are coming up - and we want to let people know if they may get travel support.
      • David will define plan for travel funds
    • Other ideas trickling in for the agenda
  • Potential issues with ESIP as PI on NASA ACCESS proposal
  • GEO Earth Observations in Decision Support RFP- 5-Page Concept Proposal due June 4th
  • GEOSS AIP Community Catalog and Portal Discussion
  • Happy Endangerment Day! See here and here


  • Bill Pennell
  • Carol Meyer
  • Frank Lindsay
  • David McCabe
  • Erin Robinson
  • Ana Prados
  • David Mintz
  • Rudy Husar

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