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Federation Of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)[edit | edit source]

Earth observation information from satellites and ground-based collection sites has the potential for providing scientifically valid answers to many of the world’s most pressing environmental problems. However, the data sets tend to be very large, poorly cataloged, widely distributed and difficult to access.

The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners is a unique consortium of more than 115 organizations that collect, interpret and develop applications for remotely sensed Earth observation information. Included in the ESIP network are NASA, NOAA and USGS data centers, research universities, government research laboratories, supercomputing facilities, education resource providers, information technology innovators, nonprofit organizations and commercial enterprises.

With our Strategic Partners the National Aeronautical and Space Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Federation and its operations arm, the Foundation for Earth Science, are working to make observation information relating to a broad spectrum of Earth science issues more available and understandable to researchers, educators, policy makers and the general public. By so doing, the Federation hopes to contribute significantly to the creation of a healthy and sustainable planet.

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Air Quality
Coastal Management
Disaster Management
Ecological Forecasting
Public Health
Water Management

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July 20-23, 2010, ESIP Federation Meeting, Knoxville, TN
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