Water Management

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Water Cluster

Welcome to the ESIP Federation Water Cluster

This wikispace will be taking shape in the coming months to describe activities within the ESIP Federation related to water.

Events and Activities



  • Exchange Network Network Grant Page Including 2010 Solicitation PDF
  • White House Council on Environmental Quality Interim Report of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, Comment Page - Deadline Either October 10th or 17th
  • Semantic annotations in OGC standards - OGC Document 08-167r1
"Annotation of Web Services or data compliant to OGC standards refers to the task of attaching meaningful descriptions to the service and the served geospatial data or processes. In this discussion paper we try to extend the expressiveness of such annotations by including more sophisticated (semantic) descriptions."
  • GI-Cat Brokering Mediation Service by Stefano Nativi, CNR
GI-Cat is also used in the GEOSS AIP Biodiversity Scenarios: Pika and Polar Food Chain

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