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About the Carbon Cluster

This page is devoted to the activities of the ESIP Federation's Carbon Cluster. The Carbon Cluster was formed in January 2008 to:

  • Increase visibility of ESIP Federation within DOE
  • Identify users/potential users of carbon data and information; get their requirements & develop use cases (some possible initial targets: USDA, EPA, DOE, state decision makers, local decision makers, carbon trading/exchanges)
  • Document data products and services related to carbon that are produced by Federation partners


Carbon Management Telecon Notes from June 4, 2008
Carbon Management Breakout Notes from Jan. 10, 2008
Carbon Cluster Recommendations
Carbon Cycle Breakout from July 2008 ESIP Meeting


NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Focus Area
NASA Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System
NOAA Climate Program Office's Global Carbon Cycle Program
NOAA Carbon Tracker
DOE Carbon Sequestration Program
DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory
US Carbon Cycle Science Program
North American Carbon Program
International Emissions Trading Association
ORNL DAAC for Biogeochemical Dynamics


Ed Sheffner, NASA Ames
Staff: Carol Meyer, Foundation for Earth Science