Carbon Cycle Cluster Meeting

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

This is a follow-up to work at the Winter 2008 meeting to start a new cluster -- the Carbon Cycle Cluster.

Who should attend? Anyone involved with the generation, dissemination, or use of carbon cycle data or information.

The aim of this session is to discuss the available resources for a carbon cycle cluster and move forward with developing good example cases (as has been done with water and air quality clusters) to demonstrate capability and address real needs for data integration and decision support in carbon cycle management. The session will include information about relevant data and capabilities of the DAACs (particularly the ORNL DAAC) and the Carbon Dioxide Information and Analysis Center (CDIAC). The session will also include information about upcoming satellite missions relevant to carbon cycle and carbon management.

~ 2 hours - this is a working session.

Relevant links:

* Carbon Cluster Page
* ORNL DAAC home page
* Carbon Dioxide Information and Analysis Center


* Ed Sheffner's Carbon Cluster Overview 
* Bruce Wilson ORNL DAAC Overview 

Contact: Ed Scheffner, Carol Meyer, or Bruce Wilson

Add your name here if you will attend (need this for room size):

* Ed Sheffner
* Bruce Wilson
* Will Pozzi

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