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Suggestion to rename and refocus

We are discussing a proposal to rename this Committee and to revise its mission statement. The current proposal is as follows:

  1. Change name of Committee from "Commercial Development" to "Economic Development"
  2. Change Bylaw V.5.1 to:
Section 5: Standing Committee for Economic Development
The ESIP Federation shall include a Standing Committee for Economic Development. Its purpose is to foster improvements in all economic aspects of Earth science. Its roles are:
a. To explore mutually beneficial activities with commercial providers of Earth science data, products, and services;
b. To provide ESIPs with resources that will facilitate the development of commercially valuable products;
c. To explore issues concerning intellectual property and provide advice to individual ESIPs and the Earth Science community at large;
d. To develop and implement economic models and practices that will bridge between individual ESIP partner institutions in order to sustain and grow Earth science through the transfer of its products and services into the commercial, academic, and government sectors;
e. To encourage and stimulate the activities of its Partners by working to stimulate the broader environmental information economy.
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Current Officers

Howard Burrows
Stefan Falke