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The Sensor Web Subgroup has been established as part of the NASA Earth Science Data Systems Technology Infusion Working Group. The subgroup intends to align its activities with those of the Federation clusters and to participate in Federation meetings.

Sensor Web Meetings

Telecon Schedule

TIWG Sensor Web telecon normally held on the 4th Tuesday at 2:00 pm Eastern

Telecon Notes

TIWG Telecon Notes

July ESIP Federation Meeting (July 17-20, 2007, Madison, WI)

Summer 2007 Session: Evaluating Sensor Webs for Earth Science Applications


Candidate Activities

Identifying common semantics for sensor web
Develop sensor web use cases
How to evaluate the effectiveness of sensor web
Approaches to cataloging and searching for sensor data
Establish and share data sets (metadata) to test and evaluate sensor webs
Software development and code sharing

Use Cases

Preamble needed to introduce role of general ESIP Use Cases to drive sensor web application development.

NASA Working Groups

  • NASA Earth Science Data System Working Groups/ Technology Infusion Working Group/

Sensor Web Subgroup :