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Committee Chair: Dave Blodgett

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The IT&I committee provides a venue for a monthly community webinar on current Information Technology and Interoperability topics. In early years, the webinar series was known as the "IT&I Rants and Raves" a title the committee is bringing back starting in 2023.

Rants and Raves are designed to get smart people to share insightful, provocative views of what's great and what's not about technology and interoperability in modern Earth science. We welcome, high energy talks on personal pet peeves: topics that you can't believe in this day and age we're still dealing with, or solutions that you can't believe that in this day and age more people aren't using.

IT&I Software Procurement May 11th

May 11th: Waldo Jaquith - Software Procurement Has Failed Us Completely, But No More!

The way we buy custom software is terrible for everybody involved, and has become a major obstacle to agencies achieving their missions. There are solutions, if we would just use them! By combining the standard practices of user research, Agile software development, open source, modular procurement, and time & materials contracts, we can make procurement once again serve the needs of government.

Upcoming meetings 3pm ET (calendar)

June 8th: Open

ESIP Vision

To be a leader in promoting the collection, stewardship and use of Earth science data, information and knowledge that are responsive to societal needs.

Information Technology and Interoperability Committee

The Information Technology and Interoperability Committee of the ESIP Federation is a standing committee created to:

  • ensure that data, information and services can be readily exchanged and integrated to improve Earth science data, information, products and services; and
  • encourage the use of standards and protocols relevant to interoperability;
  • encourage the use of best information technology practices to ensure the quality, usability and breadth of standards and protocols relevant to interoperability.


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