Chris Battisto Candidate Statement

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Candidate for Information Technology and Interoperability Committee Chair

Chris Battisto

I am a senior scientific software developer and user needs team member at the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data Information and Services Center (GES DISC). In this role, I led several projects focused on creating tutorials, workshops, and documentation for our users both internally and externally. The content of these resources ranges from data search and access with Python to migrating subsetting services to the Earthdata Cloud.

I am also an Openscapes Mentor, where I contribute to open-source tutorials and collaborate with other NASA data center developers to guide our users toward data access and interoperability solutions. My involvement with ESIP has provided valuable opportunities to collaborate with users and developers from various organizations and disciplines to further enhance our resources. These interactions have inspired tutorials and workshops alongside the service providers and developers, to ensure that their tools are accessible and interoperable for their broad, interdisciplinary user base.

As a candidate for the ESIP IT&I Committee Chair, my goal is to increase the exposure of IT&I workshops to provide service providers more opportunities to interact with their users to not only provide solutions but also help build user confidence. Geospatial data access methods, transformation services, and even the tools used to access them are constantly evolving; it is critical to meet user needs by providing opportunities for real-time feedback and open-source resources that reflect their responses. I would be honored to serve as a chair for this useful and exciting committee, and I appreciate your consideration!