Winter Meeting 2011, Washington DC

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Tuesday, Jan 4, 2011

Business Section

Ideas for ITIC monthly telecons

  • Tutorials?
    • e.g., Drupal content management?

Implementation of ESIP Publication mechanism

Google Knol turns out to be buggier than expected. Plan is likely to go with Drupal, but the initial ESIP implementation of Drupal likely needs some enhancement.

Presentation Section

Notes from Session

2011 Suggestions (Rahul)

  • Continue webinar
  • Invite external speakers, need to create a wish list of speakers
  • mix In more hands on tutorials, capture the presentations as videos
  • ESIP info commons; esip uses drupal site poorly put together and needs to be redone
    • Esip tried Google Knol but it was buggy, hard to create a uniform look, not intuitive to create one, not sure how to handle multiple authors.
    • Links only to your gmail identity, linking esip collection is not straightforward
    • Decide to go with drupal extension and have a prototype ready by summer
  • Summer meeting; blue sky session, future of science data and info systems

Suggestion for construction of an Earth Science Collaboratory (Chris Lynnes)

  • Convergent evolution to ESC
  • ESC= rich data analysis environment that provides access across a wide spectrum of Earth science data, provides a diverse set of science analysis services and tools, supports the application of services and tools , supports collaboration on data analysis, supports sharing of data tools etc.
  • Several graphics were shown showcasing the applications of using the ESC
  • Mediator Mediates combinations tool with data data with data tool with tool tool with workflow data with workflow
  • Based on data access standards common data model
  • Cyber infrastructure services used by all the other components: security, social, cloud, discovery, information mgmt, semantic web, evaluation
  • Advantages of ESC tool availability will be a force multiplier, more tools will be usable
  • Knowledge sharing will evolve from test on paper to a mixture of data tools workflows and articles
  • A wikihow for earth science data will emerge
  • ESC will maintain a record of the analysis process
  • Why now? Cause its possible and the need is growing, cloud helps with provisioning resources tools workflows etc multiple data sets
  • 7 year plan of the ideas of what to do

EOSDIS Coherent Web and Information Architecture (Kevin Murphy)

Context nasa earth science data systems is a large continuing investment, websites are the front door to data and service for users but are discordant