ISRSE Stresa ESIP data access demonstration

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Evening Session Concept ISRSE Stressa Meeting - May 2009

Organized by Karl Benedict, ESIP Interop Workgroup

The evening session that we propose would consist of a data access demonstration that highlights interoperable data access services hosted by multiple ESIP Federation members through a variety of client interfaces and novel client authoring technologies. This would be a hands-on session that encourages participants to bring their own laptops for use with the USB-based virtual machines and data-rich stand-alone applications that will be distributed as part of the demonstration and at the Federation exhibit throughout the meeting. Three computers connected to large displays (perhaps with one connected to a projector for large-scale display) will be available on site for ongoing demonstrations as well. The session would be organized with one convener and two facilitators (with other ESIP data providers contributing as they are able or willing). The session will focus both on data providers and data users - with background information (standards and software used) about the accessed services provided by each Federation partner, and access information (i.e. service metadata links) and links provided as part of the background information that is embedded in the provided virtual machine.

Emphasis will be placed on the role that the ESIP Federation plays in promoting open data policy. As a community-driven organization, the ESIP Federation collaborates on projects that make sense and advances the collective cause of improving data access and use beyond the research community.


  • Internet connectivity - preferably wireless within the demonstration room
  • USB stick with a link to the Demonstrations page in the wiki.
  • Cross-platform model data-rich client with global NO2 data (DIAL) provided on a DVD-ROM

Featured services

will be solicited from the Federation membership through the Federation-All mailing list and the Information Technology and Infusion Committee. Previous services that have been highlighted in other interoperability demonstrations include OGC Services developed and hosted by ORNL, UAH, DataFed and EDAC; SOAP services hosted by UAH, DataFed and EDAC; and registry portals developed and hosted by the ESIP Air Quality Workgroup and GCMD.

Please add information about your services on the page created for collecting this information.

Please add information about other web resources (i.e. portals, web sites) on the page created for collecting this information.

Demonstration Virtual Machine

While the original plan was to develop a virtual machine from which the demonstration would be run, it was finally determined that it would be more effective to develop an online demonstration resource that would be linked from a Demonstration page within the ESIP Wiki. That will allow us to provide a link to the demonstration, both as a printed resource on the USB sticks that will be given away, and as a link on the general informational web page that will be included on the sticks.