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Requirements for the Earth Information Exchange will be established by users. The first stage in this process is to establish user's "wish lists" by capturing scenarios of use in plain language as described by the users themselves. In the next stage, domain experts expand this description into a more formal Use Case description that will drive the development of the Exchange.

We are developing two types of use cases: one addressing areas of societal need, and the other showing the interface and underlying components that might be applied to address this need.

Use Case Discussion

Type 1: Earth Science Solutions Use Cases

Scenarios that capture opportunities to apply Earth science for public benefit will drive resource allocations. For example, this page provides a point of access for the Use Cases under development by NASA's ESDS Technology Infusion Working Group in support of ESIP Federation application area technology activities. Use cases of known data access and/or data production activities are needed to identify web services and chaining scenarios for future implementation. And may also provide reference use cases for the development of capabilities within the Earth Information Exchange or other Federation activities including proposals developed by Federation members.

Air Quality Implementation Sandbox (scenario details, wish list, etc.)

Note: The current Air Quality example needs to be pasted into the new template
(see new entry suggestions immediately below):
   Air Quality Use Case (Old Format)

VO Implementation Sandbox

Note: in progress

Hurricane Implementation Sandbox

Arctic 1a Implementation Sandbox

Wildfire Implementation Sandbox

Arctic 2a Implementation Sandbox

Wildfire 1a Implementation Sandbox

Enter new UseCase: Please refer to the following page to author a new Solutions Use Case: SolutionsUseCase_Entry

  • Use Cases for Rapid Environmental Assessment (temp place holder from ACT) *
[1] evolving test page

Type 2: Technology Use Cases

(currently only some of the use cases have been converted to Wiki format, the remainder are Word documents)

Detailed Visio diagrams of the System use cases.
Use Case Overview
Note: Download the Visio Viewer 2003 from Microsoft and view these diagrams in Explorer (if you don't have MS Visio).

Use Case 01: User Management

Use Case 02: Personalize User Experience

Use Case 03: Manage Portal

Use Case 04: Provider Management

Use Case 05: Manage Datasets/Collections Catalog

Use Case 06: Manage Inventory

Use Case 07: Manage Services

Use Case 08: Manage Groups/Communities

Use Case 09: Dataset Discovery

Use Case 10: Service Discovery

Use Case 11: Spatial Search for Data

Use Case 12: Temporal Search for Data [search.doc]

Use Case 13: Parametric Search for Data

Use Case 14: Free Text Searching [text search.doc]

Use Case 15: Preview Dataset (metadata driven)

Use Case 16: Preview Granule (metadata driven)

Use Case 17: Online Access to Granules [- Online Access to data granules.doc]

Use Case 18: Direct Access to Data [- Direct Access to data.doc]

Use Case 19: Present "Hot" Products [hot products.doc]

Use Case 20: Manage Experts

Use Case 21: Collaborate with Other Users

Use Case 22: Subscribe to Data Availability [[2]]

Use Case 23: Notify Subscriber [[3]]

Use Case 24: Track Usage

Use Case 25: Access Visualization Tool [visualization tool.doc]

Use Case 26: Plugin Management