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How to begin a new use case description

Begin a new Use Case by editing the Earth Science Solutions section of the Use_Cases page. Add a page name for the new Use Case as follows:

Append after
* Use Case 1:  SolutionsUseCase_AirQuality-Atmosphere_Smoke_1a
<* Use Case 2:  [[SolutionsUseCase_<new application area_subarea_referenceNumber>]]>

Follow the page naming conventions described in the next section.

Wiki page naming convention

Page name format

We are suggesting that authors of new use cases create a wiki page named according to the following scheme:

Naming Format
Example usage

Page name components


All Earth Science Solutions wiki pagenames should begin with the string "SolutionsUseCase"
Please select an application area from the following list or use an alternative ESIP relevant name - surround ApplicationArea with underscores and no spaces: {AirQuality-Atmosphere, Climate-Weather, Coasts-Oceans, Ecology-CarbonCycle, Health-Disaster, Land-Geosciences, Water-Energy}
The specific SubArea will be under the authority of the appropriate Federation Application Area Working Group, usually a short descriptive name.
The specific ReferenceNumber will be also be under the authority of the appropriate Federation Application Area Working Group, usually of the following form: {1, 1a, 2, 3} Note that more detailed lineage information will be found in the detailed description of the Use Case.

Template for Use Case Entry

The following template provides the structure for a complete Use Case. Begin the process by editing the template, selecting the entire text, and pasting it into the new wiki page that you created in step 1 above. Normally you would only be expected to complete the first "plain language" description before recruiting domain experts for the more detailed sections that follow.