Air Quality Implementation Sandbox

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Use Case 1: SolutionsUseCase_AirQuality-Atmosphere_Smoke_1a

  • Wish List
    • Spatial-temporal processing service suite (something like GRASS for SOA - GMU has SOAP interfaces to GRASS, maybe we can try those?)
      • Example: Extract grid values at a set of point locations. GRASS function is v.what.raster. GMU's SOAP interface is described on their site and as part of a conference abstract. Such a web service has multiple uses for air quality applications including:
        • Comparing fire occurrence locations derived from surface or satellite data with thermal imagery from another satellite
        • Extracting land cover type for fire locations
        • Comparing measured surface particulate matter concentrations with estimated concentrations from air pollution or smoke forecast models
        • Comparing measured surface air pollutant concentrations with satellite derived indicators (e.g., AOT, NO2 column)
    • Spatial reprojection service for data arrays (reprojections services I've found operate only on GeoTiffs)