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Proposed Sessions

The proposed sessions for Thursday, July 19, 2007, are listed here. If you are proposing a session, please add a linked page with a description of your session and what the goals are. Please also include contact information so that people with questions about the session may contact you. If you are interested in attending a session, please add your name to the linked page associated with that proposed session so that the organizer can know that there will be sufficient interest to request a room or table for the session.

  • Summer 2007 Session: Use Case SWAT. Want to develop a use case? Want to see technologist get interested in helping you solve real science application problems? Try this session.
  • Summer 2007 Session: Education DAAC. Is it time for earth science education to have it's best data where it can find it and use it? Let's talk about cyberinfrastucture for education.