Summer 2007 Session: Getting Your Data Used in Education: Addressing the Broader Impacts Component of your Research Project

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Do you need help in getting your data used in education?

Creating learning modules that utilize Earth data is a difficult task, requiring knowledge about the data, science, curriculum design, and the educational context. The AccessData ( team has hosted four workshops (May 2004, April 2005, May 2006, and May 2007) to bridge the knowledge gap between data providers and educators by assembling teams of experts in these areas to create data-rich learning modules. We found that face-to-face collaboration allowed the sharing of perspectives and the breaking down the language barrier unique to individual expertise permitting the development of data rich resources to move forward.

During the AccessData workshops participants in small teams of 5-7 people each (representing all areas of expertise) work to develop educationally relevant metadata for the datasets represented on the team (DataSheets, and an outline of an educational module using the data and analysis tool represented on the team which will be fully developed into an Earth Exploration Toolbook (EET, chapter after the workshop.

ESIP Federation partners who are interested in making their data resources more accessible and usable by the educational community should come to this session to discuss how they might take advantage of our future workshops planned for the spring of 2008 and 2009 to address the Broader Impacts component of the research projects.

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