Summer 2007 Session: WMS Slippy Map Integration

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Since attending a workshop at last Summer's O'Reilly Open Source Convention, I have been developing a WMS enabled map viewer (for example: A viewer developed for EDAC's Resource Geographic Information System) that is able to integrate WMS feeds from multiple servers into a single client interface. During this session I would like to work with Federation members with WMS services to integrate their services into the client as an example of an interoperable map viewer, and as a potential component for inclusion in the Earth Information exchange.

During this session we will be hands-on with the client to integrate as many Federation WMS servers as feasible.

What to bring:

  • Information about your WMS service (capabilities file/URL)
  • An ability to access to service(s) from the meeting location - i.e. they should be public

For more information contact: Karl Benedict ( 505-277-3622 x234

Interested? Add your name below.

  • Karl Benedict
  • Bruce Caron
  • Tyler Stevens
  • Phil Yang
  • Ramon Olivero