Summer 2007 Session: International Metadata Standards for Images and Gridded Data

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Many of you have heard about the metadata standard recently accepted as ISO 19115. This standard covers a broad range of geospatial data, but elements related to images and gridded datasets were left out of 19115 to be developed more fully in 19115 Part 2 - Metadata for Images and Gridded Data. This set of elements is becoming a Draft International Standard this summer, after which there will be a period for collecting comments that will be considered for incorporation into the final standard.

This standard will be the fundamental international standard for many ESIP datasets during the foreseeable future. It is important for us to understand it. Potential discussion topics include:

  • How can we use 19115 and 19115-2 effectively?
  • Are their critical elements that are not in the standard? Keeping in mind that major changes would be very difficult at this stage.
  • What might a North American Profile for 19115-2 look like?
  • How can we integrate metadata creation into tools that ESIP members are developing and using?
  • and whatever the group comes up with...
Session Summary

Ted Habermann ( will be leading this session.

List your name here if you are interested:

  • Rob Raskin
  • David Danko
  • Jeff Arnfield