Summer 2007 Session: ESIP Federation: Vision for the Future

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

This discussion session is intended to solicit input from Partners, associates, funders and meeting attendees about where the ESIP Federation should focus during its next 10 years. We are interested in hearing about:

  • what is important to you in the ESIP Federation
  • how the ESIP Federation can make contributions to helping partners meet their goals
  • identifying what the ESIP Federation's priorities should be
  • what capabilities does the ESIP Federation need to add
  • any other issues you deem important to raise

Relevant Documents:

2007 Decadal Survey
2007 Cyberinfrastructure Vision

Contact: Chuck Hutchinson, or Carol Meyer,

Interested? Add your name below

  • Chuck Hutchinson
  • Carol Meyer
  • Jami Montgomery
  • Phil Yang
  • Jeff Arnfield
  • Rob Raskin