Nomination Committee/2020 Ballot and Results

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Results of the 2020 ESIP Volunteer Leader Election are listed below.

(Click on each Position to view its description and Committee's role)



Tamara Ledley (56 Votes)
Rich Signell (35 Votes)
Total Votes = 91
Tamara Ledley Statement
Rich Signell Statement

Vice President

Sudhir Shrestha (88 Votes)
Total Votes = 88
Sudhir Shrestha Statement

Governance Committee Chair

Denise Hills (87 Votes)
Total Votes = 87
Denise Hills Statement

Finance and Appropriations Committee Chair

Rebecca Koskela (85 Votes)
Total Votes = 85
Rebecca Koskela Statement

Partnership Committee Chair

Corinna Gries (23 Votes)
Mike Daniels (62 Votes)
Total Votes = 85
Corinna Gries Statement
Mike Daniels Statement

Data Stewardship Committee Chair

Amber Budden (53 Votes)
Ruth Duerr (39 Votes)
Total Votes = 92
Amber Budden Statement
Ruth Duerr Statement

Education Committee Chair

Keith Maull (29 Votes)

Becky Reid (53 Votes)
Total Votes = 82

Keith Maull Statement

Becky Reid Statement

Information Technology & Interoperability Committee Chair

David Blodgett (85 Votes)
Total Votes = 85
David Blodgett Statement

Semantic Technologies Committee Chair

Lewis Mcgibbney (89 Votes)
Total = 89 Votes
Lewis McGibbney Statement

At Large Board Member (1 positions)

Nancy Hoebelheinrich (33 Votes)
Daniella Lowenberg (26 Votes)
Kevin O'Brien (15 Votes)
Catherine Cramer (11 Votes)
Total = 85 Votes
Nancy Hoebelheinrich Statement
Daniella Lowenberg Statement
Kevin O'Brien Statement
Catherine Cramer Statement

Nominations will be accepted through October 31, 2019. Send nominations (self-nomination is encouraged) to Candidates are invited to submit statements about their candidacy to be posted on this site.

In addition, each ESIP Type elects representatives to each Administrative Committee. The current ESIP Type Representatives will be contacting their respective caucuses to begin accepting nominations for representatives to the following Committees:

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Finance and Appropriations Committee
Partnership Committee
Meetings Committee