IT&I Chair

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

From the ESIP Federation Bylaws:

Section 3 - Standing Committee for Information Technology and Interoperability
V.3.1 The ESIP Federation shall include a Standing Committee for Information Technology and Interoperability. Its roles are:
a. To provide a forum and resource for interoperability and new technology transfer, development, and infusion that will improve Earth science data, information, and knowledge;
b. To encourage the use of best information technology practices to ensure the quality, usability, and breadth of Earth science data, information, knowledge, products and services; and
c. To ensure that data, information and services can be readily discovered, exchanged and integrated through the use of interoperability standards and protocols.

The Chair of Information Technology and Interoperability Committee (IT&I) serves on the ESIP Federation Executive Committee. In addition, the Chair calls committee meetings at regular intervals to conduct committee business. The IT&I Chair works with the committee and staff to develop technical workshops and technical content for the ESIP Federation’s semi-annual meetings. The IT&I Chair does not have to be a Voting Representative to the ESIP Federation Assembly. The chair of the IT&I Committee typically spends 3-4 hours/month on committee business.