Statement Hoebelheinrich

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Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich, Knowledge Motifs LLC

I am an information analyst with a background in libraries, archives, and preservation repositories, and founding partner / principal of Knowledge Motifs LLC, a small consulting company from San Mateo, CA. Knowledge Motifs LLC has been a Type 3 partner of ESIP since 2013 although my involvement with ESIP began in 2009. Since then, I have been very engaged with ESIP, initially with the ESIP Data Stewardship & Preservation (then) Cluster where I learned more about the ESIP community’s data issues and practices. I have continued to work with the Data Stewardship (now) Committee by acting as Co-Editor of the ESIP Data Management Short Course for Scientists, by authoring some Short Course modules, and by taking a leadership role in the development, maintenance and editorial management of the ESIP-hosted Data Management Training Clearinghouse ( Other collaboration areas with which I’ve been involved over the years have included Products & Services, Semantic Technologies, Agriculture / Climate where I have served as Co-Chair for several years, and Partnership Committee including for the last two years, as its Chair. I have also been involved in a number of Funding Friday and ESIP Lab projects associated with work for the Data Stewardship Committee, with Products & Services / ESIP Lab, and with Semantic Technologies.

From the beginning of my involvement with ESIP, I have been very impressed by the collaborative approach that is so special to ESIP, and also by the ways in which that collaborative approach manifests itself in different clusters & committees. I have seen how ESIP’s collaborative approach provides the means to produce tangible and effective outcomes. As Chair of the Partnership Committee, and member of the ESIP Board, I have had the opportunity to observe, better understand and participate in discussions and activities related to the operational business of the ESIP organization that fosters a collaborative community by developing responsive and effective governmental policies and procedures, and making informed choices for its strategic direction. I am interested in continuing to participate on the ESIP Board as a Member At Large in order to bring the perspectives and interests of ESIP Partners as I know them to the table, particularly those of the Type 2 and 3 Partners (i.e., those engaged in research, education, and software / service development activities). I also seek to improve the two-way communication between the Board and its Partners, but also the ESIP community at large so that ESIP can continue to grow and prosper.