Data Stewardship Chair

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

From the ESIP Policies & Procedures

Part 4 -- Standing Committee for Data Stewardship

6.4.1 ESIP shall include a Standing Committee for Data Stewardship. Its roles are:

a. To develop, evolve, foster, and adopt best practices and standards that ensure continued and reliable information content, quality, and usability of Earth system science data for as long as they are deemed to be of value.

b. To facilitate the long-term preservation and stewardship of Earth system science data.

c. To facilitate reference to and access to Earth system science data.

Data Stewardship Committee Chair

The Data Stewardship Committee Chair serves on the ESIP Program Committee. The Data Stewardship Committee Chair organizes and leads a regular meeting of the committee in service of the committee roles listed above. Chair of Data Stewardship spends approximately 2 hrs/month on ESIP business. Specific duties include:
  • Attend all Program Committee meetings
  • Carry out special assignments as requested by the ESIP president
  • Maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives
  • Organize a regular meeting and make sure interested ESIP folks know about it
  • Identify/hold election for committee Co- or Vice Chair
  • Facilitate the discussion on how the Committee will document its work and report outcomes
  • Ideally, attend all committee meetings; if you cannot attend, delegate your contributions to the meeting
  • Develop (with appropriate input) working plan of the committee
  • Develop (with appropriate input) yearly budget for the committee
  • Facilitate conversation regarding committee actions at Summer/Winter meetings and in between
  • Facilitate identifying how the committee’s goals/actions align with the ESIP Strategic Plan
  • Communicate any committee needs, issues, etc. to ESIP Leadership
  • Communicate Program Committee information back to committee
  • Other duties as outlined in specific collab area policies and procedures