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Sudhir Shrestha

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Statement of Interest

Currently employed with the Esri National Government Science team, I am a scientific data enthusiast with keen interests in making data easily discoverable and interoperable. For over 20 years, I have been intimately involved in connecting geospatial technology with Earth science and Earth science data users. My involvement with ESIP started in 2010, when I was working with NOAA NWS Climate Prediction Center. Via ESIP, I have met many thought leaders and scientists who share my passion for earth sciences. I have found an open and welcoming community to share my own thoughts and ideas, helping to advance our common passion and expertise in earth science data. I have been involved in presenting and leading sessions at ESIP winter and summer meetings. As an active ESIP member, I have also enabled collaborations with several earth science communities including AGU and AMS. I am involved with AGU Science and Policy group and support their “House Earth and Science Caucus Event” every year connecting science to people. My passion to support earth science community, took me to the journey to support AGU ESSI as a program committee member where I have an awesome opportunity to work with passionate people. I am actively involved in several ESIP clusters such as Machine Learning Cluster and Drone Cluster. I am also supporting ESIP Meetings Committee. I am lead engineer supporting NOAA, NASA and JPL folks that I interact, collaborate and support are involved in ESIP. This relationship that ties my personal and professional engagement finds home at ESIP. I had an opportunity to work and collaborate with Christine White (past President of ESIP) and learned how private industry can play pivotal role to grow and expand the Earth science community and help ESIP be leader in bringing science community together. In past, I have led several organizations like nonprofit Young Water Action Team (YWAT); I was president and founder of University of Wyoming ASPRS (American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) student chapter. I am aware of commitment as a vice-president of ESIP but helping connect Earth science to geospatial science and larger community is one of many of my passions and my current work/job.

What I will bring to ESIP as a Vice President?

I will bring my expertise and my passion to serving earth science community, as well as my experience working nationally and internationally in earth science domain with government, academia and private industry, helping to forge and grow collaborations and expand ESIP membership. If given an opportunity, I will be honored to serve as ESIP Vice President to help and grow the ESIP Earth Science community by forging new collaborations among government, private industry and academia. I would like to enhance ESIP as a unique venue for the earth scientists from all walks of life, where they feel safe and comfortable to grow, and encouraged to study and protect this Earth which we all call home.