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Submitted Documents

 Document RegionTypeYearDocURLOrganization
Aerosol Impacts on Health and Environment: Research, Monitoring and PredictionPresentation2008 O+Keefe+presentation.pdfRobert OKeefe
Air Pollution Impact AssessmentInternationalReport2000
Air Pollution Information Network AfricaAfricaReport2002
Air Pollution data BotswanaAfricaReport2001 Meteorological Service
Air Quality Framework Directive - EUEuropeReport2008 leg.htmEC, European Commission
Air pollution monitoring model takes off in AustraliaOceania/AustraliaReport2008
Assessing Health Impacts of Major Air PollutantsInternationalPresentation2008 environment/PDFs/EABAQ2008-HealthImpactsPatrickKinney.pdfPatrick Kinney Columbia University
Association of Black Carbon with Cognition among Children in a Prospective Birth Cohort StudyNorth America2007 et al AJE Carbon Kids Cognition Feb 2008.pdfS. Franco Suglia1, A. Gryparis2, R. O. Wright1,3, J. Schwartz1,3, and R. J. Wright3,4
CAPIA Air Pollution data ZambiaAfricaReport2000
CEMSA COnferenceAfrica2002\Conference publications.pdfA.M. van Tienhoven
China air Land and Water, eNVIRONMENTAL PRIORITIES FOR A NEW MULLENIUM1997's+Environment+in+the+New+Century:+Clear+Water,+Blue+Skies,&printsec=frontcover&source=in&hl=en&ei=bx BSsuVLsnOlAex2KGxBQ&sa=X&oi=book result&ct=result&resnum=11#v=onepage&q=WORLD BANK-World Bank
Comparative Environmental Health Assessments:A Brief Introduction and Application in ChinaReport2008 China 08.pdfKirk R. Smith University of California,School of Public Health, Berkeley, California, USA
Craig: Air pollution and public health: a guidance document for risk managers - Google ScholarNorth America2008 Air Pollution and Public Health A Guidance Document for Risk Managers.pdfCraig
Estimations of the health impacts of urban air pollutionInternationalOther2008 de Leeuw, Jan Bakkes, Hans Eerens, Robert Koelemeijer
Extended Analysis of the American Cancer Society Study of Particulate Air Pollution and MortalityNorth America2009
Final Summary Report: Climate, Air Pollution and Public:Health: Estimating Morbidity and Mortality from Fossil Fuel Consumption in Major Urban Areas in Developing CountriesInternationalReport2004 EPA
Frameworks For Regional Co-operation on Air Pollution:A Review of International Experience2009 atmosferica/doc/doctrabajo/framework02march2009.docUNEP
Health Effects of Outdoor Air PollutionReport2004 Effects Institute, HEI
Long-Term Effects of Traffic-Related Air Pollution on Mortality in a Dutch Cohort (NLCS-AIR Study)Europe2008 Beelen,1 Gerard Hoek,1 Piet A. van den Brandt,2 R. Alexandra Goldbohm,3 Paul Fischer,4 Leo J. Schouten,2 Michael Jerrett,5 Edward Hughes,6 Ben Armstrong,7 and Bert Brunekreef1,8
Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollution and Incidence of Cardiovascular Events in WomenNorth America2007 A. Miller, M.S., David S. Siscovick, M.D., M.P.H., Lianne Sheppard, Ph.D., Kristen Shepherd, M.S., Jeffrey H. Sullivan, M.D., M.H.S., Garnet L. Anderson, Ph.D., and Joel D. Kaufman, M.D., M.P.H.
Lung Function Growth in Children with Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollutants in Mexico CityNorth America2007 cohort Mexico City.pdfRosalba Rojas-Martinez1, Rogelio Perez-Padilla2, Gustavo Olaiz-Fernandez1, Laura Mendoza-Alvarado1, Hortensia Moreno-Macias1,3, Teresa Fortoul4, William McDonnell5, Dana Loomis5, and Isabelle Romieu1
MALE Declaration2008 Lanka UNEP
Maximising the co-benefits of light-duty dieselisation in Asia2009 CoBenefits v5 in press.pdfRay J Minjares, MPH [Public Health] Daniel Rutherford, Ph.D. [Environmental Engineering] The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
New diesel trucks and buses cut soot and smog more than 90%North America2009 Phase 1 report EHNS 0609.pdfMarla Cone
Outdoor Air Pollution: assessing the environmental burden of disease at national and local levelsInternationalReport2004 ehimpacts/publications/ebd5/en/index.htmlWHO, Environmental burden of disease series, No. 5
PAPA-SAN Public Health and Air Pollution in Asia: Science Access on the Net (1980–2007)2007 AllStudies.pdfThe Health Effects Institute
Reduction in personal exposures to particulate matter and carbon monoxide as a result of the installation of a Patsari improved cook stove in Michoacan MexicoNorth America2008 et al 2008.pdfArmendriz Arnez Cynthia1, Rufus D. Edwards2, Michael Johnson3, Miriam Zuk4, Leonora Rojas4,Rodolfo Daz Jimnez5, Horacio Riojas-Rodriguez6, Omar Masera1
S. America Automatic Monitoring StationsOther2010P. H. Saldiva
State of the Environment in AfricaAfricaReport2001 Environ Afri.pdfUN Economic and Social Council
Status of Air Pollution in ZambiaAfricaReport2001 Simakanga,
Survey of Air Quality MonitoringNorth America2009 Report with appendices Air Quality Monitoring 051909 JAT-rs.pdfCommittee on Environment and Natural Resources Research (CENR) Air Quality Research Subcommittee (AQRS)
Tercer Almanaque de dat os y tendencias de la calidad del aire en nueve ciudades mexicanasNorth America2007 almanaque calaire 2007 v4.pdfMiriam Zuk, María Guadalupe Tzintzun Cervantes y Leonora Rojas Bracho
The EMEP monitoring strategy 2004-2009Europe2003
The National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy: Rethinking the Role of National NetworksNorth America2009 Scheffe et. al.
The State of AfricaAfricaReport2007 ch02 atmosphere.pdfUNEP
The effects of 3 environmental risks on mortality disparities across Mexican communitiesNorth America2008 et al 3 Env. Risks.pdfGretchen A. Stevensa,b,c, Rodrigo H. Diasc,d, and Majid Ezzatib,c,1
The impact of a Bus Rapid Transit system on commuters’ exposure to Benzene, CO, PM2.5 and PM10 in Mexico CityNorth America2008 exposure BRT.pdfHenry Wo¨hrnschimmel a,*, Miriam Zuk a, Gerardo Martı´nez-Villa b, Julia Cero´n a,c, Beatriz Ca´ rdenas a, Leonora Rojas-Bracho a, Adria´n Ferna´ndez-Bremauntz
The impact of improved wood-burning stoves on fine particulate matter concentrations in rural Mexican homesNorth America2006án paper-final.pdfMIRIAM ZUKa, LEONORA ROJASa , SALVADOR BLANCOb, PAULINA SERRANOc, JEPHTE CRUZa , FELIPE ANGELESb, GUADALUPE TZINTZUNa, CYNTHIA ARMENDARIZd, RUFUS D. EDWARDSe, MICHAEL JOHNSONe, HORACIO RIOJAS-RODRIGUEZf AND OMAR MASERA
UNEP MALE Health ImpactReport2007