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About the Workshop
What is the workshop theme? Technical realization and expansion of the Air quality Data Network (ADN) for sharing observations and models
What is the ADN? A non-intrusive standards-based network infrastructure consisting of distributed servers, clients, catalog and governance
Who needs the ADN? The need for data networking is common to Data Portals, Decision Support Systems, Science Teams and other Initiatives
What will be discussed? The state of ADN including key impediments; co-development of server software and tools; sharing best practices
Who are the WS participants? They are practicing data system developers and managers at air quality data hubs in Europe and N. America
What is the Air Quality CoP? A self-organized, voluntary group promoting the use of Earth observations for air quality management and science
What are likely outputs? Agreement on community WCS server for grid and point data; catalog; ADN governance; workshop summary
What are likely outcomes? More servers and data added to the shared data pool and more willing users of shared data.

What happened on Solta?

  • The workshop constituted the first in-person meeting of a core grouping within the AQ CoP.
  • The workshop was able to attract the participation of the managers and programmers of the major air quality data hubs in Europe and US, as well as experts on interoperability and networking. Thus the group was quite competent the handle the AQ data networking topic.
  • The meeting allowed the participants to learn about each other's data systems and general perspectives. This was a necessary step toward a shared understanding and for building trust for future inter-dependent data networking.
  • During the open discussion-oriented sessions, the participants were willing and able to articulate the key impediments to networked AQ data systems at their respective organizations. With this, remedies can be pursued.
  • At the end of the meeting the managers and programmers of the major data hubs made a remarkable set of commitments toward making the AQ Data Network happen.