Solta 2011 Workshop Participants

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Below is a list of about 30 participants participating of the Solta 2011 workshop. This GEO AQCoP meeting was open for participation. The organizers have invited a number of practitioners of air quality data networking, 16 participants attending the workshop in Croatia others participated through video/phone. The group includes

  • Specialists and contributors to interoperability standards and arrangements
  • Software engineers ( and or supervisors) who have implemented standards/ based services at their respective air quality data hubs (the largest group)
  • Managers of data systems with strong background in data content and data quality
  • Agency program managers and air quality application specialists with interest in networked data systems


Participants on picture from left to right

  • Enrico Boldrini, CNR, ITA
  • Steve Ludewig, STI, USA
  • Lorenzo Bigagli, CNR, ITA
  • Michael Decker, FZ Julich, GER
  • Oleg Goussev, DLR, GER
  • Ed Fialkowski, NGC, USA
  • Peter Kjeld, EEA, EUR
  • Erin Robinson, ESIP, USA
  • Tim Dye, STI, USA
  • Severine Bernonville, DLR, GER
  • Stefano Galmarini, JRC, INT
  • Stefano Nativi, CNR, ITA
  • Ben Domenico, UNIDATA, USA
  • Martin Schultz, FZ Julich, GER
  • Paul Eckhardt, NILU, NOR
  • Rudy Husar, WUSTL, USA

Remote and other participants

  • Kari Hoijarvi, WUSTL, USA
  • Gegory Frost, NOAA, USA
  • Aasmund Vik, NILU, NOR
  • Kjetil Torseth, NILU, NOR
  • Bret Schichtel, NPS, USA
  • Michael Schulz, MetNO, NOR
  • Stefan Falke, NGC, USA
  • Janja Husar, WUSTL, USA
  • Terry Keating, EPA, USA