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The GEO AQ CoP is a self-organized voluntary group that fosters the application of Earth observations to air quality management and science. Its participants and its main beneficiaries are members of national and international science teams, data portals and decision support activities. CoP activities include sharing tools and best practices and facilitation of standards-based networking of air quality data systems using GEOSS data sharing principles.

News and Events

AQ CoP Reports

CoP Reports to GEO User Interface Comm.
AQ Data Network Report at EGU2012
AQ_CoP General Descriptions, Objectives

Workshops and Meetings

2014-01-10: Air Quality Breakout, ESIP 2014 Winter Meeting
2013-01-09: Air Quality Breakout, ESIP 2012 Winter Meeting
2012-12-06: AQ Course, India Resource Group/CoP, Mumbai
2012-09-05: AQ Metadata Workshop, Dublin
2011-08-23: AQ Data Network Workshop, Solta

AQ CoP Regional Clusters

N. America Cluster: ESIP Air Quality Workgroup
Europe Cluster: MACC Project
India Cluster: Indian Air Quality Resource Group. IARG

Constituent Communities

Data Portals | Science Teams | Decision Support | Facilitators

AQ Data Networking

USEPA CyAir Project Vision, Recommendations, and Best Practices Document Community WCS Server Development
Air Quality Data Network Facilitation, HTAP Data Network Pilot
AQ Community Catalog
Tools and Methods, CoP Resources, Cyber Visions

Points of Contact: Martin Schultz, Forschungszentrum Juelich,; Terry Keating, US Environmental Protection Agency,;