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(1) Defining what to do in each of the four areas. (2) Identify needed features in ESC (2) Hold several WebEx sessions to move ESC forward, with tangible outputs.  +
Baseline Data Citations Guidelines, PCCS. Increase Data Citation outreach to encourage use of the guidelines. Extend work on identifiers beyond data. Refine and document use cases. Work on the ontology. Increase formal outreach to other organizations involved in preservation/stewardship.  +
Goals include further agreeing on community conventions and resolving current interoperability issues. For example, DCP-3, types of casting, relationship of casting, specifying new or application-specific fields, client developments, server developments, and leveraging the testbed.  +
I would like to come up with a concept that we can all work on collaboratively (and is not too time consuming) but I have not arrived at that yet. For the meantime, I want to continue our monthly(ish) showcases and look toward the summer meeting program.  +
We would like to clarify our directions, reinvigorate our telecons, and identify one or more cohesive projects for the group to support or lead.  +