Visualization Cluster 2011

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Group: Visualization
Contact Person: Kevin Ward
Contact e-mail:

  1. What were the main accomplishments and activities of this group over the last six months to a year? (List successes or highlights from the group. List links tangible outputs/work products, if available)
    Primarily the cluster is serving as a showcase for visualization techniques and tools.
  2. What is the group working on now?
    Continuing monthly (at best) telecon series. Looking toward organizing a session for the summer 2012 meeting about visualization frameworks.
  3. How is the work the #Group did supported? (ESIP-funded, external funding, time, computing resources)
    ESIP supports the cluster by providing teleconferencing support.
  4. Do you work with other organizations (GEO, OGC, etc.) or other clusters? Is this primarily in a supporting role, peer-to-peer, or leadership relationship? How do you engage new members?
    Not very much at this time, although I intend to look for partners for the frameworks session this summer.
  5. What are your goals for the next year?
    I would like to come up with a concept that we can all work on collaboratively (and is not too time consuming) but I have not arrived at that yet. For the meantime, I want to continue our monthly(ish) showcases and look toward the summer meeting program.
  6. Do you anticipate needing resources or funding for these activities? If so, approximately how much?
    Not at this time.
  7. Is there anything that the staff or ESIP leadership could do to better support your group?
    So far, the moral support has been very helpful and appreciated. We're (I'm) still finding my way.
  8. Any other comments?
    None to report