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(1) Coordinate with ESDSWG Tech Infusion. Interoperability and Services working group. (2) ESIP Product and Service Committee funding the testbed. (3) Interoperability discussions with OGC OSGeo. (4) A few recent AGU FM11 talks heavily mentioned ESIP activities.  +
NASA ESDSWG Tech Infusion Preservation and Stewardship working group, ESIP Product and Services Committee funding the testbed. Semantic Web Cluster for Ontology expertise. DataCite Consortium. NOAA/Data Conservancy sponsored the Data Management Course, this cluster helped with.  +
Not very much at this time, although I intend to look for partners for the frameworks session this summer.  +
We interact with Discovery and Semantic Web, though mostly through overlapping personnel. There is some commonality in that ESC is expected to have significant Discovery and Semantic Web components.  +
Yes, we have worked with the Information Quality cluster and others in a peer-to-peer capacity. We also interface with a number of external groups, and look forward to better coordinating our external contacts in order to communicate relevant activities to the ESIP community.  +