MD Constraints

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Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 mco:useLimitation 0..* gco:CharacterString limitation affecting the fitness for use of the resource or metadata. Example, "not to be used for navigation"
2 mco:constraintApplicationScope 0..1 mcc:MD_Scope Spatial and temporal extent of the application of the constraint restrictions
3 mco:graphic 0..* mcc:MD_BrowseGraphic graphic / symbol indicating the constraint.
4 mco:reference 0..* cit:CI_Citation citation/URL for the limitation or constraint, e.g. copyright statement, license agreement, etc
5 mco:releasability 0..1 mco:MD_Releasability information concerning the parties to whom the resource can or cannot be released and the party responsible for determining the releasibility
6 mco:responsibleParty 0..* cit:CI_Responsibility party responsible for the resource constraints

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