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CI_Citation is used throughout the standard to provide information about papers (scientific, user guides...) or to provide cite-able information about the resource (a dataset, service...).
Go to: CI_Citation for MD_DataIdentification for specific guidance on how to use this section for documenting a resource in MD_DataIdentification.

Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 cit:title 1 gco:CharacterString Name by which the cited resource is known. SEAFLUX
2 cit:alternateTitle 0..* gco:CharacterString Short name or other language name by which the cited information is known.
3 cit:date 0..* cit:CI_Date Date of publication, creation or revision.
If the publication or creation date is "unknown" or "inapplicable" then use the gco:nilReason attribute instead of gco:Date.
Whenever possible, also include both creation date and revision date.
date: (CI_Date)
date: 2004-03
dateType: (CI_DateTypeCode) publication
4 cit:edition 0..1 gco:CharacterString Current version of the cited resource. Volume 85, Issue 3
5 cit:editionDate 0..1 gco:DateTime Date and Time of the version.
6 cit:identifier 0..* mcc:MD_Identifier Unique identifier used to reference the data, such as a DOI. identifier: (MD_Identifier)
7 cit:citedResponsibleParty 0..* cit:CI_Responsibility Individual or organization that is responsible for publishing the resource and URL to resource. citedResponsibleParty: (CI_Responsibility)
organisationName: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
role: (CI_RoleCode) publisher
organisationName: (missing)
contactInfo: (CI_Contact)
description: A science paper about a high-resolution satellite-based dataset of surface turbulent fluxes over the global oceans to complement the existing products for surface radiation fluxes and precipitation.
function: (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) information
role: (missing)
8 cit:presentationForm 0..* cit:CI_PresentationFormCode The physical or digital form in which the resource is available. See ISO 19115 and 19115-2 CodeList Dictionaries#CI_PresentationFormCode
9 cit:series 0..1 cit:CI_Series Information about the series or collection of which the resource is a part. series: (CI_Series)
name: Journal of Geophysical Research
issueIdentification: Volume 121, Issue 11
page: 7754-7774
10 cit:otherCitationDetails 0..1 gco:CharacterString Other information required to complete the citation that is not recorded elsewhere.
11 cit:collectiveTitle 0..1 gco:CharacterString Information about the combined resource if which the resource is a part. The description may include information on other volumes which are also available.
12 cit:ISBN 0..1 gco:CharacterString International Standard Book Number 978-0-06-052199-8
13 cit:ISSN 0..1 gco:CharacterString International Standard Serial Number 1068-2821
14 cit:onlineResource 0..* cit:CI_OnlineResource Information about the online access locations where the resource may be obtained. Use functionCodes: 'download' for direct access, 'search' for discovery environments and 'order' for ordering environments. onLine: (CI_OnlineResource)
name: Bar Harbor, Maine Coastal Digital Elevation Model ASCII DEM
description: Download DEM, metadata and readme file.
function: (CI_OnLineFunctionCode) download
15 cit:graphicOverview 0..* mcc:MD_BrowseGraphic A small image that exemplifies the collective resource. The graphic file should be less than 500KB and 1000x1000 pixels. Provide URL to an image that can be rendered in browsers. graphicOverview: (MD_BrowseGraphic)
fileDescription: data locations
fileType: PNG

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