Discovery Telecon 2011-12-13

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Recap of today's earlier telecon on OGC OSGeo

  • The addition of namespace-specific attributes (e.g., esip:subrel) is problematic because mass-market tools (e.g., Firefox, OpenLayers) will not understand them and have little motivation for changing to understand them.
  • If we confine ourselves to the IANA names, then data service protocols like OPeNDAP present a problem because they can present the data in a number of forms. This leaves only the mime-type to work with as a standard attribute.
  • There may be some way of working out these options at the <entry> level, but we need an example to demonstrate how this might be done.
  • Alternatively, perhaps we could put enough information in the mime-type using the '+'. Following the Open Search Description Document, which is "application/opensearchdescription+xml", we would have, e.g., "application/opendap+x-netcdf".

Finalizing the planning for the ESIP Winter sessions

Workshop Session

  • Discovery Workshop on Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 2:00pm-3:30pm Track 3.
  • Ruth: Want to make clear that the session is focused for making progress. not a tutorial session.
  • Interoperability for OGC services
    • George and Pedro are probably not going to be there.
    • George and Nadine are going ot be there one day only.
    • should ESIP follow the OGC route?
  • Interoperability for OpenSearch in various types of casting
    • e.g., forming relations between casts
  • Ideally would like to strawman alternatives for discussion
    • Jeff McWhirter: has search framework for custom fields
    • Eric Rozell: has faceted browsing interface framework
    • Ruth: plans/outline of valid parameter specification
    • Brian: custom query parameters
    • Chris: OGC
    • Ruth and Brian: Interoperability for OpenSearch in various types of casting
      • Ruth: Comparison of NSIDC casting interoperability solution and DCP-3
    • Hook: Error-handling for Discovery services
  • decided to focus on 2 topics for this session (based on previous poll)
    • Interoperability for OGC services (Chris)
    • Interoperability for OpenSearch in various types of casting (Brian and Ruth)

Planning Session

  • Planning Workshop on Friday, January 6, 2012 at 10:30am-12:00pm Track 3
  • Need to determine a prioritized set of possible topics to work on for remainder of the year.
    • DCP-3
    • Testbed
    • types of casting. relationship of casting.
    • Specifying new or application-specific fields
    • Faceting
    • Consistent error handling
    • Client developments
    • Server developments
    • Leveraging the testbed

Discovery testbed updates

ESIP Collaboration Area Semi-Annual Evaluations (for Discovery)

  • Go over questions and answers for Semi-Annual evaluation form for Discovery Cluster 2011
    • What were the main accomplishments and activities of this group over the last six months to a year?
      • Submitted Discovery white paper to the NSF EarthCube Charrette.
      • Discovery Change Proposals (DCP) for new conventions. DCP-1, DCP-2, and DCP-3.
      • Evangelizing Discovery services. Many data centers adopting Discovery type services.
    • What is the group working on now?
      • Current activities include: working on community conventions (e.g. DCP-3), OGC convergence, interoperability, and Discovery Testbed.
    • How is the work the group did supported? (ESIP-funded, external funding, time, computing resources)
    • ACCESS, NSF, ESIP Products and Service Committee
    • Do you work with other organizations (GEO, OGC, etc.) or other clusters? Is this primarily in a supporting role, peer-to-peer, or leadership relationship? How do you engage new members?
      • Coordinate with ESDSWG Tech Infusion. Interoperability and Services working group.
      • ESIP Product and Service Committee funding the testbed.
      • Interoperability discussions with OGC OSGeo.
      • A few recent AGU FM11 talks heavily mentioned ESIP activities.
    • What are your goals for the next year?
      • Goals include further agreeing on community conventions and resolving current interoperability issues. For example, DCP-3, types of casting, relationship of casting, specifying new or application-specific fields, client developments, server developments, and leveraging the testbed.
    • Do you anticipate needing resources or funding for these activities? If so, approximately how much?
      • Currently many are relying on soft funds for these activities. Also relying on the Discovery Testbed for compliance and interoperability testing.
    • Is there anything that the staff or ESIP leadership could do to better support your group?
      • Can possibly help to provide Discovery "swag" at ESIP meetings to spread the world. There is a working group under the Educational Committee that can help with in-reach and out-reach.

Action Items


  • Hook Hua (JPL)
  • Chris Lynnes (GSFC)
  • Christine White (Esri)
  • Ruth Duerr (NSIDC)
  • Curt Tilmes (GSFC)
  • Carol (ESIP)
  • Eric Rozell (RPI)
  • Brian Wilson (JPL)