ESIP Testbed Session Agenda

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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WHAT: The ESIP Testbed - An Infrastructure for Community Collaboration
WHEN: Friday, January 6, 2012 from 10:30am-12:00PM
WHERE: In the Potomac meeting room (location is probably subject to change)

  • (15 min) Testbed Overview and promotion - maybe a standup survey? (Ken)
    • Quick poll of attendees - simple binary questions
      • Did you know ESIP has a Testbed?
      • Would you consider using cloud resources for your work?
      • others?
      • Maybe print up stickers or some other handout as tokens of appreciation for survey responses
  • (15 min) ESIP Front Office Perspective on the Testbed (Carol/Erin)
    • Importance to the Federation
    • Options for expansion/moving forward
  • (15 min) Current Tasks - very brief overview (3 min each, 1-2 slides)
    • Portal - Phil/Chen
    • Discovery - Christine/Hook
    • Quality - Phil/Greg/Rezgui
    • Metadata - Jerry/Rahul
    • Preservation - Nancy
  • (15 min) Cloud Resources - A Testbed task, then the Testbed Infrastructure - Phil
    • A testbed of cloud resources
    • A cloud to host testbed tasks/services
  • (30 min) Open Discussion (and buffer for going over on other presentations)
    • When to move tasks from Testbed to Production
    • Other discussion topics?
    • Maybe a follow-up survey to see if anyone has new appreciation of the Testbed