Best Practices in Services and Data Interoperability

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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As the Federation membership grows, we have a continuing need to share with each other our diverse knowledge and experience in developing and deploying services oriented architectures based upon a variety of standards and in service of a diverse community of scientific and public users. This session will provide a variety of presentations that cover the basics of standard services, architectural models developed around services, and specific experiences in implementations and service interactions.

There will also be a lot of interoperability expertise on hand, so bring any questions and problems you have in this area to get answers!


Please follow the below example in submitting your workshop for inclusion in the program.

  • Workshop Title (created as a separate WIKI page for the abstract and presenter name. After creating the link [colored red because the page has not yet been created], click on the link to edit the page with your abstract and presenter information)

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