Hyrax Installation and Customization

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Updated on 8 July 2008!

Learn how to install, configure and customize the Hyrax Data Server from OPeNDAP in this hands-on workshop. Participants will be given a CD-ROM (which they may also download prior to the workshop) with a linux virtual machine. Included with the VM will be source code and binary run-time images for Hyrax along with the support software needed to run the server. The attendees will also learn how to write new back end data format handlers for Hyrax with a hands-on example that reads data from ASCII files.

Requirements: Each person attending will need to be comfortable with Unix, bring a computer, and must have VMware Player installed (free). For Windows XP/Vista or Linux, use VMware player; for an Intel Mac, use VMware Fusion which you can get for free with a trial license. PowerPC macs cannot run VMware. You computer must also have a DVD drive (although we're trying to get the whole VM onto a CD-ROM, that might not happen in time for the workshop, so to be safe, plan on needing a DVD drive).

Space: Because there will only be two of us running the workshop, we're going to limit it to twenty people.

Online resources: Documentation, Software, Contact

Information about the workshop can be found at The July 2008 ESIP Federation Workshop