Summer 2007 Session: Air quality cluster meeting

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The overall objective of this meeting is to define the next steps for the air quality cluster. This session is aimed at complementing the the Air Quality Interoperability Experiments, Applying Service-Oriented Architecture Concepts to USGEO Near-Term Opportunities and Evaluating Sensor Webs for Earth Science Applications sessions.

Topics include:

  • Presentations by new participants
    • Brad Pierce, NOAA NESDIS, "Chemical/aerosol assimilation activities and capacity building for future operational systems"
    • Glynis Lough, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow, US EPA Office of Air & Radiation (invited)
  • Revist the air quality cluster mission
  • Who should be involved in the cluster (e.g., who's missing)
  • How to interact with and use the EIE portal and its air quality portlet.
  • Work with EPA, NASA and NOAA and other government agency representatives in supporting interoperable air quality networks
  • Other use cases needed by the air quality community that could be addressed
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Other topics of interest to the cluster (feel free to edit this wiki page with your ideas and suggestions)

Interested? Add you name below. Contact: Stefan Falke,

  • Stefan Falke
  • Brad Pierce
  • Glynis Lough
  • Phil Yang