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Each year, ESIP conducts elections of its officers, committee chairs and Administrative Committee members. We are at the time of year when we begin accepting nominations for the following positions which are elected ESIP-wide: (multiple nominees for a position are welcome and encouraged).

Incumbents in a position are indicated by (i) following their name. Nominations will be accepted through November 15th, 2021. Send nominations (self-nomination is encouraged) to

Candidates statements about their candidacy will be posted on this site.

Position descriptions are available at the links for each position below. (Click on each Position to view its description and Committee's role)



Kenneth S. Casey (i) Kenneth S. Casey (Elected, 87/87 = 100%)

Vice President

Denise Hills (i) Denise Hills (Elected, 86/86 = 100%)

Governance Committee Chair

Amber Budden Amber Budden (Elected, 87/87 = 100%)

Finance Committee Chair

Tracey Pilone (i) Tracey Pilone (Elected, 87/87 = 100%)

Partnership Committee Chair

Felimon Gayanilo

Christopher Keane

Felimon Gayanilo (Elected, 66/91 = 73%)

Christopher Keane (25/91 = 27%)

Data Stewardship Committee Chair

Steve Diggs Steve Diggs (Elected, 82/82 = 100%)

Education Committee Chair

Carla McAuliffe (i) Carla McAuliffe (Elected, 82/82 = 100%)

Information Technology & Interoperability Committee Chair

Derek Masaki (i) Derek Masaki (Elected, 84/84 = 100%)

Semantic Technologies Committee Chair

Brandon Whitehead (i) Brandon Whitehead (Elected, 83/83 = 100%)

At Large Board Member (1 position)

Brian Wee

Mike Daniels

Brian Wee (37/85 = 44%)

Mike Daniels (Elected, 48/85 = 56%)

Nominations will be accepted through November 15th, 2021. Send nominations (self-nomination is encouraged) to Candidates are required to submit statements about their candidacy to be posted on this site.

In addition, each ESIP Type elects representatives to each Administrative Committee. The current ESIP Type Representatives will be contacting their respective caucuses to begin accepting nominations for representatives to the following Committees:

Governance Committee
Finance and Appropriations Committee
Partnership Committee
Meetings Committee