Interoperability of Air Quality Data Systems

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What links here: Interoperability of Air Quality Data Systems

This wiki is the workspace of an ad hoc virtual workgroup on Interoperability of Air Quality/Air Chemistry Data Systems

Please feel free to evaluate, experiment, contribute, create ..or ask questions.

HTAP Activities on Standards

Ispra Report: Workshop on IT for Model Intercomparison
Wiki Site: Integrated Global Dataset

CF Convention for Air Quality/Chemistry

Official CF Sites: NetCDF Climate and Forecast (CF) Metadata Convention || Message Boards || CF Standard Names || Old CF Site
Wiki Site:Air Quality/Chemistry Naming Conventions Wiki space devoted to air chemistry naming by CF Standar

OGC WCS for Earth Science Data Access

WCS Background and Rationale
WCS through SOAP: Approach and Issues
WCS Interoperability Experiments
WCS Resources
Interoperability Presentations at Fall 2006 AGU
DataFed Web Services

This structure is set up for how we access these pieces, however please take these pages and use them as shared entities in your sites. Because you are linking to these pages, you will always get the most up-to-date version. For example within this ESIP wiki the various parts of the interoperability topic are structured and used in multiple ways (e.g different projects).